Mo Woods

Singer Songwriter Performer

Take a leaf out of Autumns Book.

"Celebrate the beauty that is autumn. Wonderful colours, wind to sweep them and make them dance as if they were alive"


My favorite time of year!!!

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Yes, yes, I know. It's colder, wetter and getting dark but to me autumn is the perfect time for me to settle in and continue with some song writing. Autumn and the rest of the seasons have it nailed.  Autumn is a time when the trees are done with those colourful leaves of red and golds, oranges and yellows, and they start to drop and release them into the wind and onto the ground where they gladly give themselves to the earth and dirt to replenish. To heal. (And for us to slip over on now and then to remind us to tread carefully! or maybe to kick into the air and smile with as we move them with our feet) :)

As I continue to write the album and move through the experience: for me it means letting go of instances from the past and present and things that no longer serve me. Using this as inspiration to write. To express myself musically and vocally with the utmost authenticity.

Like the leaves, we must let them go to prepare and learn for the next change and turn of events. in spring we experience joy and rebirth, new beginnings and new hope. In summer we harvest and revel in the happiness of warmth. Wildlife birds and bees! The leaves and earth show off their best displays of colour and produce of fruits. Then once again autumn is here and  the cycle has begun again. 

Inspiration is all around us, it's there in the richness of our lives. The challenges and the triumphs! As the album emerges now I can see this reflected in my words and my presence in the songs.  

Enjoy my tribute to Autumn: this particular video of Myself with the wonderful Steve Christie performing "Autumn Leaves" Perfect to celebrate the beauty that is autumn. Wonderful colours, wind to sweep them and make them dance as if they were alive. Thank you for reading!!!! 

A live cover of Autumn Leaves performed by Mo Woods and Steve Christie.

Mo Woods Copyright 2015