Mo Woods

Singer Songwriter Performer

Balancing Creativity and Work

Have you ever decided on that special something you'd like to achive and ended up somewhere completely different along the way?... and its not exactly what you had in mind?

Sometimes you spend so long doing something that you think you need to do to reach your goal, and it leaves you no time to: "BE" and just be creative, or allow things to manifest naturally and become what you desire. So you've decided what you want? now you need to balance and organise yourself in a way that allows your goal to be possible but not in a way that compromises your expression and feelings. 

"All you can do from past experiences is honour each one, and take forward as the lessons you've learnt and reasons to be grateful"

But getting this balance is tricky. You want to achieve a goal, and need many factors to achieve it and most of all ENJOY IT. I appreciate you reading on while I take you through my 3 points and concepts to hopefully benifit.

  1. Enjoy what you are doing and your journey to where you want to be.
  2. Let go of control. Stop pushing.
  3. Be kind to yourself, and others. for the love of god be kind. 

Enjoy what you are doing and your journey to where you want to be. There's a core belief that runs people. Some think that you need to suffer for your art, live in pain. and if something is easy then its just not worth having. I used to very much think like this. Life is too short for pain. Remember this: Your pain and complaining is not impressing anyone. So Live in the joy that you creating and "being" 

Let go of control? well.. how am i supposed to do that? i hear you say? well. Its all very good wanting something but trying to push it so hard that it causes discomfort or pain is not living up to your greatness! (yes, some of you may not believe this but its true. your capable of greatness)  So make your intention clear. Be clear on What you want, release it out to the big wide world and enjoy the process, but try not to live in the future. Give up the: What if's, When will i? I need this to happen. Perhaps write down your goal, keep it somewhere you can see it everyday and give it some love. 

Be kind. This one my friends is the most important thing you will ever learn. Once you master the art of deciding that the thought in your head thats kicking around telling you that:  you've done nothing, or that you should just give this up as you've gone backwards, They are better than me, my work is terrible and the big one: "whats the point" is something you'd like to change, then your in business. Deciding to be kind to yourself when you fall, or feel like you've failed is the most powerful gift. Shake off the victim coat and enjoy the sun. Step up and rise again. The same applies to forgiving others. On your journey to any goal you'll meet all kinds of different people, some may even be friends or family members. I'm very lucky that 90% of people around me are super supportive, but there are a few that couldn't give two hoots. Some may not believe in your goal, they may want something similar for themselves and choose to feel envious instead of supportive, some may not get it or appreciate your hard work,  and what its taken to get there...  You can't be responsible for how someone treats you in this life but you are responsible for how you react. Choose Wisely.  Send them your good wishes and compassion and let them go too.Ce La Vie. 

Just let it go.

"Deciding to be kind to yourself when you fall, or feel like you've failed is the most powerful gift"

Mo Woods Copyright 2015